Budaun Qibla Direction

If you want to Find Qibla Direction at the right time, this page will help you with that. You will find out when it is the appropriate Qibla Direction in Budaun (India) — you can check Budaun Qibla Direction for your coordinates (28.033709, 79.120542) while on the go. The exact Qibla are calculated basing in the position of the Sun in the sky. You can easily change your location using the search bar above.

Qibla Angle:

Qibla Angle for Compass:

Kaaba Distance:

Magnetic Deflection:


There are many methods to find the Qibla direction. One of the easiest ways is using compass. Qibla direction changes from city to city or country to country depending on the distance. From this site, you will easily find Qibla direction Online.

Budaun (India), your qibla angle with respect to true north is °. The qibla angle for magnetic compass is °. If you want to learn the qibla direction of your location in Budaun with a magnetic compass, you need to use the degree of "Qibla angle for compass". Because those who want to find the direction of qibla using a compass have to take into account the magnetic declination angle between true north and magnetic north.

Qibla Direction in Other Cities of India